CARMEN OSSORIO is a wellknown painter in the circle of houndlovers, her exhibition in New York was an absolut success. She dedicates all her strength and love to the mistreated galgos in Spain by fostering many of them until homed.

Due to an unfair neighbour, a lady who does not even live there and only appears once or twice a month, CARMEN OSSORIO has been reported to the authorities for too many dogs on her premises and because the neighbour feels bothered by the barking of the dogs.

Houndlovers know that greys and galgos usulay don’t bark and are friendly and social dogs. The artist keeps in her house between 10-14 dogs and they aver well kept and have veterinary care. CARMEN’s vets certificate the good state of health and care of the dogs and there is realy no reason to order her to give away her dogs but the mayor of the city, who is btw a veterinary himself, has taken part of the frustrated neighbour who had earlier bothered CARMEN allready with ofer 50 reports of other reasons not referring to the dogs.

We ask in our petition to stop bothering CARMEN OSSORIO and to support her and her animalist work and to give her legal permission to keep her dogs and continue her work as artist and paitner in the little village of A PONTENOVE (Lugo).

Please sign here:

and please leave a comment below if you want to support Carmen and her work. THANKS!

you also may write directly to the mayor of A Pontenova

here the complete address:

Plaza del Ayuntamiento, s/n
27720 Pontenova, A – Lugo

Phone +34 982342277
Fax +34 982342051


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  1. Sonia Jordá de Quay Says:

    Mi total apoyo a la causa de Carmen Osorio

  2. Lisbeth Mønsted Larsen Says:

    Dear Carmen. You are doing a such a good job for the hounds. Keep up your spirits knowing that you do a very important for the hounds and their new families.The person who calls herself your neighbor is indeed a very poor person with an empty life since she is so obsessed with yours she should volunteer at the local shelter to get the kind of blessed life you live with your hounds.I am beyond greatful to fosterfamilies as they are doing the adopters of the hounds a great service by socialising these frightend and abused hounds. If it was not for kind hearted people my ex-racing greyhound would not be alive today. Connor was used for racing in Spain. There are no records of his races. He was likely raced on the mobile tracks. I found Connors sire through prolonged research into his wearabouts. He was born in Castil Leon wich is not far from Madrid. His sire began his racing life at the dreaded Barcelona track and was later sold to the mobile tracks. All this makes sense.You have my full support in the marvelous work you do. I thank you on behalf of the sighthounds in need. Yours sincerly Lisbeth Mønsted Larsen Greyhound Action Denmark.

  3. Margit Rønsholt Says:

    Good work.

  4. Patricia Calderón Says:

    Exijo el cese inmediato del acoso a esta persona. Exijo que el consistorio de Apontenova y su alcalde actúen con dignidad, con honradez y con decencia. Ya que parecen carecer de humanidad, al menos que lo hagan por profesionalidad: son un cargo público y están sujetos a unas leyes y a unas condiciones cívicas. El mundo entero les está mirando!!!

  5. I live in Denmark. I have 6 dogs an some understanding neighbours. Let Carmen keep her dogs and make a diffrense since Spain is a contry who just don’t care about the animals.

  6. Mª del Carmen Cabré Viriga Says:

    Apoyo total a Carmen Ossorio.

  7. Telma Shaw Says:

    Carmen, we are with you. I have written on your behalf. You are our heros, those who live in Spain and see the broken bodies of these sweet creatures, you are the ones who have to endure. This must end, but until then we need you to continue your work, good will prevail over evil..take heart we are watching. Hug all the galgos for us..tell them we care..
    Telma Shaw

  8. Carmen, we love and support you. You took in Dandi when he was doomed to die. You saved his life, you brought him back to health, you taught him to trust, and you kept him safe and loved until he found a home. Even better, you came all the way to the USA and brought Dandi home to me! You will always be in our hearts, and we will always be grateful to you for giving Dandi life. You are the kindest and most loving of dog mama’s, and so many galgos are alive today because of you. We are hoping and praying for a happy ending for you, because you have so much love to give, and the galgos who find their way to you are truly blessed.
    With love and hugs, Jordan and Dandi in the USA

  9. Congratulations for your work! Believe it will be good and it will!

  10. Armando Servin Says:

    Hola Carmen,sigue luchando,nosotros estamos contigo siempre!! Te mando un beso desde Mexico,bye. Armando Servin(

  11. You are enabling the good and positive aspects of life to continue through your love and dedication and provide an inspirational role model.
    Sincere and heartfelt wishes, and in the hope that you will be recognised and assisted for your laudable dedication.

  12. Adela Pisarevsky Says:

    Dejad que esos pobres innocents animales continuen viviendo en paz con Carmen. Dejad de mostrar vuestro egoismo. Vivd and dejad vivir!

  13. Mary Finelli Says:

    It sounds like you are doing wonderful work for the dogs. I hope your community can be made to realize this and support rather than try to obstruct your laudable endeavors.

    • pintora de galgos Says:

      mari finelly muchas gracias llevo d ehuelg a22 dias hace frio pero tengo mucha fuerza par a qu e nos dejen vivir a mis galgos y a mi gracias

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